this is NOT Offisial fansite.

this is not official fansite. I’m just fan of TheKing.

I like TheKing from when I saw them first time ,I saw their performance on 17th November 2017 in Japan.

But at that time, TheKing was not famous so much in Japan.

It was so difficult to get TheKing informations.

I thought  there are many people like me .

So I’ve made a site TheKing summarized information.


I’m remaking that on this site.

I think if someone like TheKing want to buy their songs,  they can not get songs easy .it’s difficult in Japan.

Because TheKing  separate on iTunes as musician “キング”, “더킹”.

This condition makes opportunity loss as TheKing fans( include want to listen person) and TheKing.

So I’ve remade songs・iTunes page soon.

About Picture

I’d like to cherish their copyright.
Because I would not like to their Copyright infringement.
I put embedded codes from their instagram, twitter and other on this site.

It’s not beautiful as a design.

I would like to put this photo on HEADER☆


2017년 성훈 선배님의 아시아투어에 저희 더킹이 함께하게 되며 여러 국가의 팬분들을 만나볼 수 있는 좋은 기회가 되었습니다. 태국, 대만, 서울, 아부다비, 몽골, 말레이시아, 일본등 각기 다른 장소에서 만난 에너지와 그곳에서 느낄 수 있었던 무대위의 벅찬 감동들이 기억납니다. 저희 더킹은 킥스타터 뮤직비디오 프로젝트가 무사히 성공해 새 앨범으로 다시한번 팬 분들를 찾아 뵙기를 간절히 바라고 있습니다. 뮤직비디오 프로젝트의 성공으로2018년 활발한 활동을 기대하며 더킹의 이름으로 콘서트를 할 수 있기를 그리고 팬분들과 함께 한 노력의 결과물들이 아름답게 빛나기를 바랍니다. 2018년 첫 스타트를 팬분들과 함께 시작 할 수 있어서 행복합니다. It was a good chance for us, THE KING, to perform on the stage and meet the fans from all over the world through 2017 Asia Tour of Sunghoon. We still remember the feeling and energy each of us had on the stage in Seoul, Thailand, Taiwan, Abu Dhabi, Mongol, Malaysia, Japan, and other countries. We, THE KING, do hope that the Kick Starter Music Video Project takes many of you by storm so that we can release another new album. We are expecting our big stride in 2018 by succeeding in the music video project, wishing to hold our concert. Also, it would be really delightful if THE KING and our fans bring good results through the project. We are honored to start the year of 2018 with our fans. 2017年に行われたアジアツアーは、世界中のファンと出会いながらステージに出演する大きなチャンスとなりました。 僕たちは、ソウル、タイ、台湾、アブダビ、モンゴル、マレーシア、日本など様々な国のステージに立ち感じたこと、皆様からいただいた力をはっきりと覚えています。 僕たちTHE KINGは今回のプロジェクトを通じて、新たなアルバムをリリースできるよう、嵐のように皆様を巻き込めることを願っています。 今年はこのプロジェクトを成功させて、コンサートも開催したいと考えています。僕たちと皆様がプロジェクトを通して良い結果をもたらすことが出来たなら本当に嬉しいです。 2018年、皆様とともに新たなスタートができることを光栄に思っています。 #더킹 #theking #kickstarter #킥스타터 #campaign #idols #kpop #세진 #최랑 #동혁 #승재 #바울

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【TheKing and me】

I am a just Fan. not especialy.

I have listened to TheKing’s ♪바다,너랑(The Ocean and You)♪, I’m crazy about this song, and like TheKing.

But They don


I checked on internet “the king” , but it’s so difficult to reach “TheKing” I want to research “TheKing”.





ここまでに私が本当に本当に大好きになった♪바다,너랑(The Ocean and You)♪と、♪LookBack♪のperformanceをしてくれました。